How to create your NEAR Wallet

#1 Create Account

#2 Reserve Account ID

Write down your Account ID (username), this will be your wallet address — Awesome right?

Type your username for NEAR and reserve it

#3 Secure your account

Here we will use email because it gives us a free wallet (Sometimes, it is able or disable depending on different conditions)

Tip: Passphrase is more secure

#4 Paste the verification code you received

#5 Now again your email (or phone number)

#6 Paste the verification code you received this time

Error message — Not enough balance

#7 We will need to do a manual deposit

#8 Copy the funding address (SINGLE-USE)

#9 Transfer funds from another NEAR Wallet

After you transfer your funds from another NEAR Wallet, or from a CEX (centralized exchange) like Binance you will then have an active account

#10 Now you are the owner of the coins

When you have the coins on exchanges then it is not your coins, because you can’t control your funds. So, this way, with your own NEAR Wallet you are the true owner of your cryptocurrencies.

#Be Aware

The 12 words phrase that represent the private key is on the “Recover my Account” link on your email. You will have to copy the link address to spot it.



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